Mechtechnical Business Systems  provides the complete refrigeration solution – we offer a wide range of high quality refrigerants, maintenance equipment and spares to keep your systems working at their optimum.


Mechtechnical Business Systemswe  sales various types of commercial compressors. We are professionals in installing refrigeration systems of all sizes from smaller walk in units to large scale industrial systems within the country and the East African Region.

Our Commercial Refrigeration services include:

  • Service & planned maintenance on new and existing refrigeration systems
  • Overhaul of large and small compressors
  • Supplier of re-manufactured compressors
  • Refrigeration systems designed to suit your needs
  • Installation of refrigeration systems
  • Specialists in AMMONIA DX or flooded systems
  • Specialists in AMMONIA / GLYCOL / TYFOXIT systems
  • Specialists in HFC WATER / GLYCOL chillers
  • Refrigeration reclaim services
  • Specialists in HFC SYSTEM big or small close control systems
  • Full PLC CONTROL SYSTEMS with remote access
  • Very energy efficient systems utilising INVERTER TECHNOLOGY

It is our believe that your working with us in installation of refrigeration system will actually be a well and long lasting investment to your company. Some clients find It is easy to install cheap quick fix system, but as company we have always been for the view that refrigeration units are normally installed for life so it’s worth spending a short time considering all the factors in the investment.

Some of the Factors that should be considered include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Running Costs
  • Correct servicing
  • Electronic Expansion Valves
  • Inverter Driven Compressors
  • Speed Controlled Condenser fans
  • Speed controlled Evaporator Fans
  • Defrost on demand
  • Two smaller systems rather than one larger unit
  • Cold Room Insulation (is it up to the job ?)

All the above factures above will have an effect on business running costs and should be considered when thinking of a new system.

We as a leader in the refrigeration industry are more than happy to make a free site survey to establish the correct equipment for your application and submit a free no obligation quotation.


A choice of floor mounted product coolers, or ceiling mounted if preferred. These cooling systems are capable of achieving 85 – 90% humidity, particularly popular with potato growers and despatch areas of a coldstore environment. Again these systems can be sized to suit any of your requirements