Who We Are

Mechtechnical Business Systems Ltd is a limited liability company duly organized and registered under the laws of the Republic of Kenya. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by these industries, we have created innovative and cost friendly solutions available to all our customers in various sectors such as the Media industry, financial services, insurance, information technology, manufacturing and government Ministries. Our keen knowledge of air conditioning, refrigeration, Building Works & office technologies has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of all clients while ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.
We have a multi-talented technical team with expertise in various fields and are also highly disciplined and motivated to undertake the said assignments in almost any region within the East African Community. Our unique ability to provide these services and our successful track record make us an enviable partner in these fields. We always strive to provide excellent service to all our clients and we are committed to giving you the kind of service you need and expect. Our rates are both very competitive and reasonable.
Thank you for the interest you have shown in our company.


Our Standards

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Customer Care We believe in building value adding relationship with our customers in the following ways: Understanding our clients’ business and future plans.

  • Continually monitoring our supply, installation and maintenance works.
  • Being in constant touch with our customers.
  • Ability to commence works as soon as called upon to do so.


Our Public Statements

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of General Services Provider in East Africa.

Our Mission Committed to providing quality Services at competitive rates in timely manner while observing Governing Laws.


Our Supply & Distribution

Mechtechnical Business Systems Ltd is in a position to provide it’s customers with the level of contracting responsibility that is required by the customer. This could be in the role of the “System Supplier” facilitating the highest level of contracting responsibility. In this Role Mechtechnical Business Systems Ltd is held responsible for the overall project from assessment of user need to final completion, providing ultimate contracting comfort for the customer. This would include being responsible and accountable for the design of the system (infrastructure) as well as the implementation thereof.

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Steven Bin

Steven Bin

Client Manager

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Aston Dark

Web Developer

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Stefen Malk

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