Air Conditioning Services

Looking for an air conditioner? Well look no further! Mechtechnical Business Systems we are top air conditioner installers in Kenya, we will have you sorted out in no time! Included in our wide range of services is expertise in air conditioner installation. At Mechtechnical Business Systems, our capabilities as air conditioning installers includes the delivery of ongoing air conditioner maintenance.

Our air conditioner installation service is provided by teams of experienced artisan mechanics and specialists, all highly trained and experienced as air conditioning industry. Our service guarantee is built on a excellent client service based operational procedure, and we promise only the friendliest, most efficient and effective air conditioner installation technical services

Air Conditioning repairs

When a customer requests an air conditioning repair from Mechtechnical Business Systems, a team of our expert repairmen will come out to their premises to diagnose the problem. Once the problem has been diagnosed, our repairmen will discuss the problem with the customer, after which a quote will be issued. Upon acceptance of the quote, our repairmen will go ahead and do the required repair on site. We always use authentic brand parts when doing repairs and were parts are discontinued we always try assist and advise our clients to the best possible solution. Our clients will be charged for all parts that have been replaced, and all of our quotes include a mandatory call-out fee.