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Welcome to Mechtechnical Business Systems

Excellence is our Only Standard!!!

Mechtechnical Business Systems is a limited liability company duly organized and registered under the laws of the Republic of Kenya. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by these industries, we have created innovative and cost friendly solutions available to all our customers in various sectors such as the Media industry, financial services, insurance, information technology, manufacturing and government Ministries.

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Mechanical HVAC

We do mechanical Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation. If your current air conditioning is older than the average lifespan, it’s time to get another air conditioning machine as a replacement to the old model you have ASAP.

Residential and Commercial HVAC

Our Air conditioners are the best for residential use from individual office space to multiroom properties to the most challenging hazardous environments. Our Thru-the-Wall, Portable and Ductless units gives you a range of choice.

UPS & Power Back-UP

We have various Uninterruptible Power Supply products of various brands that provide standard back-ups after electricity loss in emergency situations such as Eaton UPS, APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Tripplite UPS and all available power protection.

Back-Up Generators

Wether its power back-ups you need or major UPS machines or heavy duty power diesel genrators, do not get caught in the dark, all devices rely on power to sustain your business, we provide all this services in Kenya.